From the first day I have stepped foot into this office, I have found nothing but professionalism and skilled individuals. This is a new and very, very clean facility. So far, I have had a deep cleaning done with A & A Dental Implant & cosmetic center with Dr. Baez & a Orthodontic consult with Dr. Sanchez and so far I really like what I see! This place is worth every penny. I would definitely suggest anyone and everyone to come here!


I had an implant placed about a month ago. Dr. Sanchez was my doctor, I was so nervous but I didn’t even feel a thing! Not even when he numbed me up! — during the procedure he kept asking if I was okay, which I appreciated! Thank you Dr. Sanchez! You’re the best!!!

Lorena S.

Dr. Baez has been my doctor for more than 10 years and I wouldn't change her for anyone. I 100% recommend it to everyone.

Delia M.

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